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CUTX Perks
CUTX Perks

Introducing a great, new rewards program for our debit card users – CUTXPerks!

This program rewards YOU our members and allows you to accumulate points by using CUTX debit card for purchases. The points can be redeemed for a wide variety of rewards through the CUTX Perks website!

Program Enrollment

  • Account holders are automatically enrolled.
  • No formal enrollment is required.
  • Invite a friend.

There are 3 ways to earn points:
  1. Debit Card Transactions
    • 1/2 (half) points for every $100 spent on PIN –based debit card transactions
      • Sorry, ATM transactions don’t count
    • 1 point for every $100 spent on signature-based debit card transactions
      • This means you can earn more points by signing that pin-pad or receipt!
  2. Shopping via the CUTX portal at
  3. Special promotions sent to you by mail
  1. Certificates
    • You (our member) receive your point certificates in the mail in the month following the offer period.
    • You then log into to enter the certificate code.
    • Rewards will show up in your rewards account.

    Certificates for ongoing point’s usage will be mailed to you every 3 months. Because points are awarded through certificates, points within a family can be pooled or gifted to obtain more valuable gifts more quickly!

  2. Automatic Deposit
    • You can choose to sign up to have your points automatically deposited into your online rewards account, instead of receiving certificates in the mail. Points will still be updated at the end of the month, not in real-time.
  • You can check your points balance by visiting; internal phone number (ext. 7375); direct phone number (972.924.5988).
  • Points expire 2 years after date of issuance.

Redeeming Points

Visit to:

  • Redeem points for gifts or add them up for a bigger perk (did you see the Cruise reward yet?)
  • Add items to wish lists for future redemption
  • Re-gift to another party, you just ship it directly to your recipient of choice.
  • Track your gift for FREE!, once you’ve ordered your gift
  • Discover other ways to earn additional points

Questions and Support

For any questions or problems with rewards or delivery, please call us at 972.924.5988 (not a toll-free number).

Our partners at Velocity Solutions support team will be helping you, our members.

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